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10 Key Things to Consider When Renovating Your Condo

A complete condo renovation can be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to enhancing the busy lifestyle of the occupants while investing into the overall value of the space.

As the unit is part of a community, there are specific considerations you need to be aware of before any work can be started. While it is important to remain within the guidelines of the condominium board, achieving your vision for your condo can be realized!

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10 Condo Renovations Options

A condo renovation can equate to a substantial ROI while improving the daily living activities of every member of the household. Creating a welcoming atmosphere of spa baths, exclusive storage space, or an open-plan kitchen can transform a condo into another world.

By working with a reputable renovation contractor, consider updating the spaces in the condo that are used the most such as the kitchen, bathroom, and family room. A complete condo renovation can involve several options.

Upgrade the Bathroom with New Fixtures

Condo renovations usually involve bathroom renovations with modern-day upgrades and technology. Bathrooms tend to be one of the last places that changes are made, but it can be the best investment for both the overall value of the condo and the busy lifestyle of the occupants. Make sure to improve the fixtures and ventilation.

Upgrade the Bathroom with New Fixtures

Upgrade the Kitchen Appliances

A complete condo project should involve a kitchen renovation beginning with an upgrade of appliances. A matching set of stainless steel, black, or white appliances with a modern oven, overhead microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and compactor provides the “wow” factor for any sized kitchen.

Upgrade the Kitchen Appliances

Replace Cabinets & Doors in the Kitchen

Most condo dwellings offer little in the way of kitchen cabinets and storage space. Having new shelving, doors, and hardware will give the kitchen improved functionality and aesthetic appeal. Use a neutral wall paint and/or backsplash colouring to highlight the cabinetry.

Replace Cabinets & Doors in the Kitchen

Upgrade the Kitchen Countertop

Upgrade one of the first things guests and potential buyers notice, the countertops. Installing a stunning granite or quartz countertop with a built-in meal prep station can enhance your lifestyle and the value of the condo.

Upgrade the Kitchen Countertop

Creatively Make More Space for Storage

The one improvement factor condo owners share is the ability to increase storage space. From floating shelves and kitchen pot racks to increasing the cabinet space, there are opportunities to enhance the storage space of any size condo.

Creatively Make More Space for Storage

Change the Floor As Per the New Trends

A complete condo renovation project is the perfect time to get rid of any carpeting or old flooring and replace it with the latest trends. Consider investing in luxury vinyl floors as it can increase the resale value substantially. Most condo owners have top-quality cushioning installed to soften any noise from the flooring.

Change the Floor As Per the New Trends

Use a Neutral Coloured Paint

Whether you are planning on selling your condo in the near future or the renovation is to enhance your lifestyle, consider using neutral colours throughout the rooms. Light and neutral shades offer a way to open up the room while natural light is reflected.

neutral color

Upgrade to the Latest Light Fixtures

Brighten your living space while giving the illusion of a bigger space by using the proper lighting throughout the condo. Take advantage of natural lighting with large windows and glass doors that can be complemented by energy-efficient fixtures such as recessed lighting.

Upgrade to the Latest Light Fixtures

Organize Your Closets to Utilize Space in the Entire Condo

Even with design changes, maximize space by installing organizers in the coat closet, hallway, and bedroom closets. Whether built-in or portable, closet organizers can be used to ensure every inch of the closet is utilized.

Organize Your Closets to Utilize Space in the Entire Condo

Install Smart Home Devices

Enhance your quality of life while enticing future buyers by upgrading your condo with smart home devices. While making changes to the electrical system, implement the advanced technology of automatic lighting, high-tech appliances, and smart fixtures.

Important Rules for Condo Renovations Everyone Must Follow

Regardless of the location of your condo, there are important rules every condo owner must follow, as per their condominium board. These rules could pertain to the types of renovations allowed, the materials used, and the renovation contractor that is hired.

Before contacting a reputable condo renovation contractor, be aware of the guidelines of your condominium board in relation to changes to the living space. There also may be a list of preapproved contractors offered by the management.

You will need to submit an application and detailed plans to the condominium board and get all documents and contracts reviewed.

Be prepared to adjust your expectations due to policies and time constraints of the board and the contractor. Renovations big or small require the homeowner to be flexible in time, design plans, and budget.

Upon getting approval from the condominium board to conduct the renovations, the homeowner must have all work done within the permittable work hours. Booking parking and elevator spaces for the workers will also need to be done ahead of time.

You and your renovation contractor will also need to ensure proper material transportation and disposal and get approval for modifications to plumbing and electrical work.

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