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6 Reason Why DIY Kitchen Remodeling Is a Bad Idea

Kitchen remodelling in North York is a great way to enhance your living space and customize it to your individual lifestyle. Before you begin planning a DIY kitchen project, consider the amount of work that needs to be done. Any electrical, plumbing, and carpentry should be left to the experts for several reasons. A kitchen renovation takes time, effort, and money to complete.

Kitchen Remodeling

This article focuses on the top six reasons why a kitchen DIY project is more of a challenge than you may realize.

DIY Is a Time-Consuming Process

Sure, kitchen remodelling looks quick and easy online and on home makeover shows. We see the project go from start to finish in a mere 60 minutes. But what we don’t see is that DIY kitchen projects can take several weeks, if not months.

Tackling such a huge endeavour while working full-time and being left without a working kitchen is tough. Aside from the dust, debris, and handling of materials, there is also the time it takes to obtain local permits or the board’s approval if you live in condo. Hiring a professional can save time and headaches.

You Could Go Over Budget

DIY kitchen remodelling projects can quickly exceed your budget when you factor in how many tools and materials you need. For example, purchasing the materials as a regular customer at a building store can cost more than having the supplies purchased through a contractor.

In addition, unknown issues such as wood rot or leaky pipes can cause a major dent in the budget. Once demolition begins, there is no stopping or going back to reverse the problems uncovered. Working with a professional renovation team can help you avoid going over your budget because they will know what to expect based on the age, condition, and location of your home.

It Could Jeopardize Your Health

A total kitchen remodel can be hazardous to your health. Working with heavy materials, specialized equipment and tools, and electrical components needs particular skills and knowledge. The ceiling, walls, and flooring can also contain dangerous chemicals that can trigger respiratory issues.

Asbestos is the most commonly known hazardous material which was outlawed in building supplies in the late 1970. However, this risky material continued to be used in Toronto condominium construction until the stockpile was gone in the late 1990s.

You Could Cause Accidental Damage

Unless you are a certified electrician, plumber, AND a professional carpenter, there may be a high risk of causing accidental damage during the DIY. Mistakes are easily made, especially when the person performing the work has little to no experience in the field.

These “mistakes” could cost you money, or worse, your physical health. A kitchen remodel requires the proper safety precautions, tools, and knowledge to ensure the finished work is safe for use.

The Final Results Might Not Be Satisfactory

Once all is said and done, what if you are not satisfied with the end results? All of the time, effort, and money spent in materials and labour will be for naught.

With a professional remodelling company, the workmanship, materials, and new appliances are guaranteed. Reputable contractors will work with you throughout the projection to ensure all changes are acceptable.

You Won’t Have Professionals to Evaluate Your Work

To safeguard the insurance requirements and the policies set out by your condominium board, it is best to have certified professionals complete the renovation.

If you conduct a DIY kitchen remodelling, you won’t get the expertise of a professional contractor who can ensure the electrical, plumbing, and other hazardous transformations follow industry standard codes. Plus, some DIY jobs may not be covered by your home insurance policy and you may be required to prove the work was done by a licensed company.

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