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7 Ingenious Condo Renovation Ideas That Will Help in Increasing Space

Living the condo life comes with amazing perks, such as access to an array of amenities (gym, pool, concierge service) and a location in the heart of the city. These benefits are often offset by having a limited amount of living space, however. The good news is that there are ways to make your living space look a lot larger!

Remember the age-old decorating tip: function over form? It holds true, especially when the goal is to increase space with a condo renovation. Let’s look at seven creative ways to increase your condo space.

Tub To Shower Conversions

Brighten Up the Space

Lighten up the room to create a bigger space. Natural lighting, artificial light fixtures, and even the type of furniture you choose can make a room feel and look larger than it is. For example, sofas and chairs that sit “on” the floor can block light streaming from the windows. Go for furniture with narrow tall legs so light flows. A glass-top coffee table and end tables help by reflecting light throughout a room, as well.

Think Vertically

When looking to purchase a condo, look for a unit that has floor-to-ceiling windows. This allows maximum natural light throughout the day and beautiful moonlight at night. Taller windows also give the illusion of higher ceilings. Any curtains or blinds should be hung near the crease of the ceiling to elongate the space.

Use Dead Spaces for Storage

Keeping in the height theme, use the available vertical spaces in the room for storage space. Install cabinets and shelves on the walls below or above the average level of sight. In addition, having décor items staggered in proper heights can give the appearance of an expanded room while taking care of any clutter. Try to reorganize the furniture to prevent the bunching of the items.

Divide All the Space into Proportions

If you are partial to visually having rooms divided from one another, try using sliding doors or screens. This allows for privacy when needed and a more spacious concept for other times. The placement of the furniture in a flow-through space can help to divide it into proportions. Another key factor in dividing open rooms into differentiating uses is to have color schemes in accordance with the purpose of the room.

Use Mirrors to Expand the Space

A popular interior designer trick with condo renovations that increases space is to use mirrors. Depending on the placement, a mirror can help add light and the illusion of a more open room. For example, if your condo kitchen sink is facing a wall, placing a horizontal mirror above the sink will “open” the room without needing to replace structural beams or walls.

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Choose Light Colours

Another designer trick is to redecorate the rooms with light shades such as pastel or neutral coloring. This can help brighten the room and reflect the available light, both natural and artificial. This is not to say darker colors cannot be used, but having a light-colored wall can open a room up that has darker furnishings.

Choose the Right Pieces of Furniture

Speaking of furnishings, in addition to sofas, tables, and chairs with slim legs, invest in space-saving condo furniture. These types of options are available in an array of styles, designs, and colors to complement your lifestyle. Think sofa beds for guests, storage ottomans and tables, and other multifunctional products.

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