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8 Essential Tips for Planning a Successful Kitchen Renovation in Toronto

Planning a kitchen renovation in Toronto can be a fun and exciting project!

Whether you want to reorganize the layout of the room for better function or update cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures, there are several aspects to consider. A house or condo kitchen renovation is the opportunity to see your vision become a reality!

Kitchen renovations


Here are some tips to make you’re your kitchen renovation a success.

Hire Professionals to Build the Kitchen You Envisioned

Every social media platform has suggestions and links to DIY kitchen renovations. Applying new cabinet hardware or contact paper in cupboards is one thing, but replacing the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical features may require the help of skilled hands. By hiring a certified contractor for a kitchen renovation, the workmanship and materials are fully guaranteed. In addition, most home insurance policies require these renovations to be handled by a professional in order for you to maintain coverage.

Do Proper Research Before Hiring Kitchen Renovators

Before hiring kitchen renovation services from an unknown contractor do your research in their experience, customer satisfaction, and certification. A reputable contractor can be found online through their own website, through accredited building associations, and through customer review sites. Look for contracting services that provide design consultations, architects, guaranteed workmanship, and inspections.

Ask Specific Questions to Your Kitchen Renovator

For a house or condo kitchen renovation in North York, ask specific questions to the contractor regarding the work project. Pay attention to the smaller details, such as their punctuality for the initial meetings and communication ability. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • “Do you have a legal license?”
  • “How many days will it take for the renovation?”
  • “What would be your plan for each day?”
  • “What type of warranty do you provide?”
  • “What would the payment cycle be like?”

Discuss Your Ideas for the Kitchen Renovation Initially

While kitchen designers can appear to be wizards, they cannot read your mind. Discuss your vision for the new kitchen in explicit detail to ensure your ideas are compatible for your kitchen. Use online images to have a tangible example of your expectations before any work begins. Or, better yet, visit a showroom like the one at Lampert Renovations, to see all the amazing options available to you. With the layout and physical details of the kitchen renovation, settle on a budget in the initial planning stages.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

The sole purpose of a home or condo kitchen remodelling project in Etobicoke is to make the space a more efficient and user-friendly atmosphere without compromising on quality. Saving hundreds of dollars by hiring an inexperienced contractor or buying lower quality products can cost more money in the long run. Investing in workmanship and top-quality products will extend the lifespan of the kitchen and its contents, as well as increase the resale value of the home.

Get All the Required Legal Permits for the Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be a massive undertaking. While smaller projects such as replacing cabinets may not require a permit by a local governing board, most kitchen renovation projects will need permits. If a condo kitchen is the project, there may be specific permits or regulations of the condominium board management that is require before work begins. In Toronto, the kitchen renovations that do require permits include, but may not be limited to, installation of a fireplace or chimney, installation or modification of the electrical or plumbing systems, and any removal of a portion of the house.

Install the Latest Technology Appliances

Now is the time to incorporate the latest or updated versions of appliances. The modern market features advanced technology for stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, faucets, and even easy-clean surfaces. Not only will life seem easier, but the newer models also offer more energy efficiency that will be comparable in power costs.

Make a Checklist Ensuring All Renovation Work Is Completed

Once the final project is completed, use a kitchen renovation checklist to ensure all details have been addressed to your satisfaction. While the sights of custom cabinetry, countertops, and new appliances will be evident, ensure the desired backsplash, oven hood, light fixtures, paint, trim, and cabinet hardware are as agreed upon.

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