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8 Mistakes to Avoid when Renovating a Laundry Room

When you think of all the rooms in your house that could use a makeover, the laundry room probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. But ask any homeowner, particularly the ones who are responsible for laundry chores, whether they could use a laundry room renovation, and chances are the answer is yes!

The laundry room is an essential part of your house. Whether it doubles as a storage room or a mudroom, or it’s simply the room you wash, dry, and fold your laundry, a well laid out, organized laundry room is necessary.

To ensure you get the laundry room of your dreams, we’ve put together a list of common laundry room renovation mistakes many homeowners experiences, so you can avoid these pitfalls.

Bathroom Renovation

Inappropriate Drainage

When renovating a laundry room, the biggest mistake you can make is installing the drainage in the wrong spot—or not having sufficient drainage at all! Installing proper floor drains can prevent major flooding in your laundry room in the event that your washing machine overflows or leaks.

The drain should be placed at the lowest point of the laundry room, depending on the sloping of the floors. Strategically placing the drain will prevent damage to walls, appliances, and flooring in case of a water catastrophe.

Poor Placement of the Water Shutoff Valve

Just as the placement of the floor drain is important, the precise location of the water shutoff valve requires the same consideration. You may be tempted to install the shutoff valve behind the washing machine to conceal it and create a more aesthetically pleasing space. But this complicates matters once a pipe bursts or the washer begins to overflow.

Installing the shutoff valve in a well-lit, easy-to-reach place in the room will be beneficial in times of need. A water emergency calls for quick attention, not time to manoeuvrer the washing machine to turn the water valve off.

Lack of Storage

Regardless of the size of your home, storage space is always limited, particularly in the laundry room. When planning for a laundry room renovation, don’t just think about how the washer and dryer will fit into the room; think about how you can utilize the space to your advantage to improve your storage space.

Consider cabinets and shelving for detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. A countertop to fold laundry on with storage underneath can be designed into the renovation plans. And don’t forget electrical outlets so you can plug in your iron and steamer!

Poor Ventilation

Whether due to the small space, or lack of understanding of your ventilation needs, many laundry rooms have inadequate ventilation. Both the washer and dryer increase the humidity levels in the room, so improper ventilation can lead to moisture and mold development.

While installing laundry appliances with access to an exterior wall is advisable, there are ways to install a proper ventilation system to reduce the risk of mold and fire. A laundry room renovation can be the time to redesign the ventilation. Consider installing a window or an exhaust fan to help with ventilation issues.

Poor Lighting

Sure, decorative fixtures with dim lighting can create a great ambiance—but the laundry room is not the right place! Poor lighting can hide laundry stains that require extra treatment, not to mention it creates an invitation for mold growth in the dark corners.

When planning a laundry room renovation, choose proper lighting fixtures to be installed throughout the room. Adding a skylight and window can help bring in natural light to help you spot grease and grime.

Laundry room renovation mistakes to avoid

No Space for a Sink

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make with a laundry room renovation is neglecting to install a sink, particularly a laundry tub. The layout of most laundry rooms provides enough space for the washer and dryer with little space to have a sink and other helpful laundry accessories.

Including a laundry sink in the renovation can be useful for clothes with grass stains, grease, and other substances that require pre-soaking. Plus, pet owners and car enthusiasts would be well advised to have a laundry sink installed so that they don’t have to use the bathroom or kitchen sink for washing.

Too Much Space Between the Washer and Dryer

Whether the layout of the room is to blame, or the homeowner’s choice, too much space between the washer and dryer can cause more than just headaches. It may be the reason for all those missing socks! From having to move wet clothes between appliances to losing valuable storage space, not having the machines close to each other can cause problems.

The functionality of a laundry room is key, and this should include suitable placement of the laundry machines. Consider the arrangement of the room’s appliances and cabinets before the renovation project begins.

Moving Your Laundry Room to the Basement

Initially, the thought of moving the laundry room to the basement is more of an aesthetic choice than a practical one. Homeowners want the available space of the first and second-floor rooms for living and sleeping. This usually proves to be a huge mistake, particularly for the person who spends the most time doing laundry.

When planning a laundry room renovation, consider having it located nearest to the bedrooms to prevent transporting dirty and clean laundry up and down flights of stairs. If the basement is the only option, install proper ventilation, including windows and exhaust fans, to prevent a build-up of humidity and moisture. Dark, damp basement conditions can also damage the mechanics of washers and dryers.

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