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9 Must Consider Bathroom Remodelling Trends in Toronto

Are you considering a bathroom remodelling project? Knowing the latest trends can help you extend the life of your bathroom for years to come…not to mention make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Since 2020, it’s been all about minimalism with more and more bathroom renovations focusing on function over anything else. But this doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be “plain”! The market is bursting with stylish materials and products to choose from. Below, we list some of the top trends to consider before your renovate your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling

Natural Light

Bathroom remodelling in Toronto begins with the use of natural light! Fog-free coated windows can help to prevent mould and mildew growth while brightening up the room. Consider adding a skylight, glass patio door, or a large one-way window to open the space and reduce energy use. If practicable, place a large circular mirror to illuminate the room on sunny days.

Stylish Wallpapers

Yes, wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way! The exciting news is that now there is a wide selection of smooth and textured wallpapers designed specifically for humid rooms such as the bathroom. Choose bold or subtle colours, patterns, and textures to balance the sleek or curvy design features of the room.

Benches & Stools

Young and old alike will appreciate and enjoy the addition of a bench or stool in the bathroom. Choose from moisture-resistant storage benches to built-in vanity stools. The combination of old world meets modern age can create a functional bathroom while complementing its soft mood. For those family members with mobility issues, comfortable seating in the bathroom can be a game changer.

High-Tech Showers

Gone are the days of stepping into a ceramic tub and turning on the water spray for a quick shower. With the latest developments in shower technology, stepping into a shower can transform you to another world. From sound speakers, essential oil-infused showerheads, multiple massaging sprays, and touchscreens, taking a shower can be a luxurious treatment.

Stylish & Durable Tiles

Today’s bathroom tiles are a huge upgrade in the function and style departments from our grandparents’ days. Colourful graphics have led to using tiles as flooring, as a vanity backsplash, on the walls, and even on ceilings. Say goodbye to slippery tiles thanks to the matte finish on specific tiles designed for the bathroom. Porcelain and ceramic materials are durable, nonporous, low maintenance, and scratch-resistant!

Spa Aesthetic for Relaxation

As one of the most used rooms of a home, the bathroom can be transformed from a utility space to a place of serenity and relaxation. Every member of the household will benefit from spending time in a room of teak, stone, or bamboo décor. Create a luxury spa with a rainfall showerhead, towel warmer, bidet, and soft lighting to set the ambiance. Don’t forget the soothing sound of nature or water with a Bluetooth sound system integrated into the exhaust fan.

Being Environmentally Friendly

Choose a bathroom renovation contractor near you that focuses on environmentally friendly products and materials. The future requires more people to move toward a more sustainable way of life. Start with the bathroom renovation by using eco-friendly paints, flooring, fixtures, and décor. Many fashionable and functional tubs and shower inserts are manufactured with durable recycled material.

Wooden Accessories

Wood in the bathroom? With the right type of wood, absolutely! Bring nature inside with specialty treated wooden accessories such as with the vanity, towel racks, storage cabinets, and even bamboo bathmats. Make the texture of the wood pop with a stone-effect countertop, flooring, or décor.

Round Shaped Mirrors

One of the largest timeless trends over the years has been round-shaped mirrors over the vanity, as a standalone full length, or even as a collection of tiny designs. Aligning circular shapes with straight lines can tie the entire bathroom design together seamlessly.

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