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Advantages of Condo Bathroom Renovations During the Winter

As the snow falls and the wind chill drops, now might be the perfect time for condo owners to plan a bathroom renovation. There are many advantages to winter bathroom renovations, such as lower prices during the down season and more time, labourers, and materials available to transform your condo bathroom.

Working with a reputable contractor can save you money and get the job done quicker without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of bathroom renovations in the winter.

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Off-Peak Pricing and Contractor Availability

Two of the biggest bathroom renovation advantages in the winter is the off-peak pricing and contractor availability. Compared to the other three seasons, the colder months see less of a demand for renovation products and services.

Many manufacturers and suppliers tend to drop their prices in the winter, which could equate to hundreds of dollars saved, if not thousands of dollars saved for one project. In the early months of the year, many bathroom fixtures and materials are marked down to make room for the upcoming inventory of the new industry trends.

With the increased availability of contractors, you may also have the added convenience of scheduling work at your own convenience rather than having to wait for the contractor to be free. This leads to quicker scheduling and faster completion of the project.

Indoor Work and Comfort

The obvious advantage of condo bathroom renovations in the winter is the fact that the project takes place indoors. With condos, the contractor is not subjected to working outside in extreme cold and harsh weather conditions as the plumbing system is accessible from the inside. Outside piping systems are handled by the building’s maintenance team.

Plus, with the advancement of new technology, many materials (e.g., paint, drywall, sealant, etc.) no longer release toxic fumes or VOCs. So, you won’t have to worry about keeping your windows and doors open for ventilation. A professional contractor will have access to industrial fans, debris collectors, and home vent protectors to ensure everyone’s safety and health is a priority.

Winter Preparation and Energy Efficiency

Unlike bathroom renovation challenges that are often experienced in humid conditions in the summer, winter is the perfect time to evaluate your condo’s energy efficiency. A bathroom renovation can uncover drafts or a lack of installation within the floors, walls, and around the pipes.

Boosting the energy efficiency of your condo can help you save on utility bills year-round. During a renovation, energy-saving heating, lighting, and fixtures can be installed without compromising on the form and function of the bathroom.

Extended Planning Time

Just as a contractor is in less demand during the winter, you will also be less busy with work and extracurricular activities in the winter. This can provide more time to plan and prepare for a renovation project. When designing the bathroom renovation, it’s important to research the available materials, styles, and fixtures without rushing through the process.

Furthermore, like any renovation, you may run into a few snags along the way. With more time on your side, these challenges can easily be tackled and allow for the contractor to make modifications. In these cases, the contractor may also have more free time to replan or redesign a specific portion of the project without needing to schedule for another time in the weeks ahead.

Faster Permit Approvals

One of the major bathroom renovation challenges in the summer is applying and waiting for permit approvals. During the busy summer months many government employees are on vacation and demand for permit approvals is much higher, which could result in a waiting period of up to four weeks for a permit to be approved.

But with winter renovations, permit submissions often are expedited. During the winter, it may only take a couple of days, if not hours for a permit to be approved. Whether the approval, permits, and licenses are with the local condominium board or local municipality building committee, the process is quicker due to the reduced office workload in the wintertime.

Avoid Peak Season Stress

Peak season stress is a familiar term among those in the building and construction industries as spring, summer, and fall tend to be hectic times. As the temperatures begin to drop, so does the pressure and stress of completing numerous projects. Hiring a professional contractor for a condo bathroom renovation in the winter can mean your contractor gives more attention to detail and won’t rush through the project.

It should be noted that you’ll also feel less stressed during the “offseason” as the project can be planned around your work schedule and lifestyle. In the spring, people become busy preparing for the warmer months while the summertime sees people away on vacations. Of course, the fall is when families try to get into a normal back-to-school routine and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

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