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Avoid These 10 Mistakes During Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be an exciting time for a homeowner if proper planning is done well in advance. But due to the complexity of renovating a bathroom, even the most expert DIYers might need to consult professional contractors.

Bathroom Renovations

This article investigates the top 10 mistakes made with bathroom renovations and why you should hire a reputable bathroom renovation service in Toronto.

Not Having a Precise Budget

The biggest mistake with any bathroom renovation is underestimating the budget. Costs for a partial or complete bathroom renovation can vary depending on the work involved. Researching the price tags on desired fixtures, showers, tubs, and décor can help as can discussing plans with a professional designer and contractor. A bathroom renovation can also undercover hidden damage from water damage under the counters or floors, and behind the walls. This type of damage can increase the budget tenfold.

Not Fixing Water Pipes

Don’t make the mistake during bathroom renovations of not fixing the water pipes. This includes changing the layout or upgrading to state-of-the-art piping. During bathroom renovations, many homeowners only replace the water pipes if need be.

Inadequate Ventilation

Of all rooms, the bathroom requires proper ventilation to protect the fixtures, electrical, and plumbing systems from mould and mildew growth. The steam from hot showers and baths, the actual smaller square footage, and it being a heavy-traffic area all contribute to the need for a good ventilation system.

Not Installing the Latest Equipment

A bathroom renovation is the prime opportunity to upgrade the fixtures and layout of the room while it is gutted. To save money or time, homeowners may decide to skip installing the latest plumbing and electrical systems that can make life easier. Consider in-floor heating, a steam shower, and a double vanity to accommodate the needs of all family members.

Using Incorrect Materials

One of the most common mistakes homeowners see with DIY bathroom renovations is using the wrong materials. The bathroom is the dampest room, creating the ideal environment for mould and mildew development, let alone slip hazards. Choosing inadequate materials such as marble can increase the maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Not Having Natural Light

Using the available natural light can help to open up the bathroom while saving on energy costs. DIY or inexperienced renovators may often overlook the importance of proper lighting in the bathroom. Installing larger windows or skylights can adjust to the proper lighting.

Using Too Many Colours

Planning a bathroom renovation can soon become overwhelming with all of the available products and colours on the market. Keeping it simple with neutral colouring and minimalist designs can make it easier to change the colour scheme in the future if you change your mind. Express yourself with colours in the wall décor and towels, not the flooring or walls.

Completing It Too Quickly

With a bathroom, the desire to complete the renovation can create chaos and cause important issues to be overlooked. This can be seen in homes with only one bathroom wherein the work is done too quickly to compensate for being without a functioning bathroom. Neglecting to upgrade needed plumbing and electrical systems, using all-in-one paint products, or cutting corners and not doing all improvements can lead to disappointments.

Not Making Space for Storage

A common mistake during any sort of renovation, especially with a bathroom makeover, is not planning for the appropriate amount of storage space. Whether it is to save on costs or inexperience, neglecting designing the need for storage can cost money and stress in the long run. A bathroom requires hidden nooks and crannies to store all paper products, towels, and toiletries for a functional but stunning bathroom.

Hiring Inexperienced Renovators

In anticipation of completing a bathroom renovation a homeowner may hire the first contractor they find. As this type of renovation involves complex repairs and replacement of electrical and plumbing systems, it is vital to have a reputable professional perform the work. In addition to the intricate workings of a bathroom, there may be particular regulations that need to be followed. An expert in bathroom renovations should be consulted.

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