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Common Mistakes with Kitchen Renovations and How to Prevent Them

When it comes to kitchen renovation mistakes, the list can be long, particularly if you didn’t work with a professional designer or renovation company.

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home as it is the space where we feed our bodies and our soul as we gather with family and friends. Having a functional kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing can enhance your daily living.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of the common kitchen renovation mistakes. From an inadequate budget, rushed deadlines, and selecting low quality materials, your dream kitchen renovation can quickly become a living nightmare.

Before planning a kitchen renovation, learn the top 8 common mistakes homeowners make and how to prevent them from crushing your plans for a dream kitchen.

Upgrade the Kitchen Countertop

Poor Budgeting

A lack of planning or an adequate budget is one of the most common kitchen remodelling mistakes. This can lead to overspending and/or not being able to fulfill your dream design for the kitchen. With large budgets, the entire kitchen including appliances, can be replaced whereas with a smaller budget, allocating the fund accordingly is more important. This could mean focusing more on new flooring, cabinets, and/or additional counterspace.

Consider the necessary changes to improve the function of the kitchen and begin the budget form that point. Take inventory of appliances, storage space, ventilation, flooring, and any structural expansions before adding on expensive decorative items. Always leave room in the budget for unexpected bills.

Ignoring Functional Layout

The layout of a kitchen can determine the functionality of the space. One of the biggest kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid is ignoring the need for the three-point triangle between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. The placement of kitchen islands and appliances can impede the traffic flow of a kitchen if not properly planned.

Having a balance between the three main areas will increase efficiency, workflow, and convenience when using the kitchen. This golden rule will also provide a better ergonomic design for the cook(s).

Poor Space Planning

When planning a kitchen redesign, you need to pay close attention to whether you have the adequate space to accommodate your renovation. Does the renovation use the available space or does it entail adding to the current layout? Either way, the countertop, kitchen island, and cabinetry plays a major role in optimizing the kitchen.

There should be a place and space for everything including small appliances, utensils, and meal preparation tools. For example, the items used daily should be within easy reach for use while small appliances and pots can be placed in storage cupboards.

Common Condo Kitchen Renovation mistakes in Toronto

Choosing Inappropriate Materials

To save money or for aesthetic reasons, homeowners may choose the wrong materials for the kitchen renovation. A smooth marble or granite countertop may look stunning in magazines but for kitchens that see constant use, these materials are susceptible to stains, water rings, and etching.

Choose durable materials such as quartz to support the function of the kitchen. Wall tiles, flooring, and decorative pieces for the space also need to be reliable. The selection of materials can range depending on the lifestyle of the home occupants as young families will require easy cleaning and durable features.

Overlooking the Lighting

As the kitchen is the one space where family and friends often gather to catch up, prepare meals, and even oversee homework being done, lighting is an important aspect of the design. Dark and dull kitchens can put a damper on the mood in your home.

Taking advantage of natural sources of light, as well as task, ambient, and decorative lighting can provide a safe and functional environment. Kitchen designers suggest using three layers of lighting with varying functions to brighten the preparation, cooking, and enjoyment areas of the space.

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Neglecting Sufficient Storage

The most common problem with a kitchen is inadequate storage solutions. From cookware to the pantry supplies, a kitchen needs to be designed to suit the needs of the entire household. A small kitchen requires multiple storage spaces for utensils, pots and pans, and small appliances as counterspace may be limited.

The size of the storage drawers, closets, and cabinets also needs to be considered in respect to the items used. Drawers, overhead racks, and cabinetry can enhance the space with a well-organized design.

Poor Ventilation and Exhaust Systems

Overlooking ventilation and exhaust systems during a renovation can lead to costly mistakes and health hazards. Inadequate ventilation can leave cooking fumes, steam, and smoke lingering around your home, causing discomfort and potential health problems. Additionally, a malfunctioning exhaust system could lead to unpleasant odours, moisture buildup, and even mould growth.

Avoid these pitfalls by ensuring that your kitchen’s ventilation and exhaust systems are installed properly, up to code, and adequately sized for your kitchen’s unique needs.

Rushing the Renovation Process

The excitement of a kitchen renovation can cause homeowners to take shortcuts and overlook important aspects of the project. Don’t rush through the process! This can result in shoddy workmanship, incomplete details, and second-rate styles and designs.

Taking the time to choose exactly the materials and products you want and really researching the kitchen renovation contractor you choose will ensure your final project meets your expectations. Also, allowing the contractors enough time to complete the work will guarantee the kitchen is as completed when expected.

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