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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Condo Renovation

A condo renovation is an exciting time! Enhancing your living space with modern fixtures and a functional layout is just the beginning. Arguably, the best part is the decorating stage…and that all starts with shopping for the right pieces of furniture to suit your condo.

Condo renovation

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Condo

When it comes to a condo renovation, designing a space with the right type of furniture is key. Working with professionals can help reduce the stress associated with finding the perfect furniture for your space.

Choose the Right Size Furniture

It is easy to overstuff a room with stunning pieces of furniture. Fortunately, many designer furniture manufacturers are producing similar pieces with size in mind. This includes small coffee tables with accompanying stools, small-sized sofas, and narrow chairs.

Have a Consistent Flow & Colour Scheme

To create the illusion of an open space, consider using a neutral colour scheme that flows consistently throughout the condo. Furniture with the same theme can blend beautifully into the background with only a pop of colour with accents or statement pieces.

Opt for Multipurpose Furniture

As space can be limited in condominiums, it may be beneficial to choose furniture that offers multipurpose functions. These can include coffee tables and ottomans that have a storage compartment, sofa beds, and fold-up wall desks.

Have Good Lightning

The right lighting can help open up a space creating the illusion of a larger condo. Consider using hanging lights, wall lamps, and recessed lighting to improve the atmosphere without having to take up much needed space.

Consider the Space of Your Condo

Last but not least is the availability of space within the condo. Most condos offer little square footage to design a dream home, but with the right furniture, all the comforts and needs can be met. Condo-sized furnishings are available for the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Types of Materials Available for Furniture

Not sure what material to choose for your furniture? Depending on the material you choose, it can offer functionality, comfort, style, and design.

  • Wood: Bringing nature inside is best achieved with the use of various wood furnishings from teak, oak, pine, or cedar. Durable and long-lasting, wood can be preserved to be used for generations with proper care and maintenance.
  • Aluminum: The long-lasting material known as aluminum is also a lightweight option for furnishings. From outdoor tables and chairs to kitchen tables, styles with this material are available in various colours and designs.
  • Plastic: If plastic furnishings are to be used as patio furniture or indoor fixtures, consider choosing recycled materials. Plastic is lightweight, easy to clean, and offers a cost-effective feature to a room.
  • Steel: Steel furnishings are best used for balconies but can also be used for tables within the household. The sturdy construction allows for years of use with only a small amount of care and maintenance required.
  • Iron: Iron is a durable type of material that can be used both inside and outside of a home. Most condo balcony furniture is designed with wrought iron to withstand fluctuating weather conditions and only need the occasional wipe of soap and water to clean.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Condo

Choosing furniture that is expected to last years can be a daunting task. It must be comfortable, functional, and offer a style that express the unique personality of the condo occupants.

Finalize Your Preferences

The furniture market offers a wide array of styles, designs, and colours. It is important to take stock of the preferences of each home occupant and work on a design plan to narrow the options. To avoid the need of redecorating every year, focus on colours and styles that meet your vision.

Evaluate Your Existing Furniture

You may be able to use the existing furniture in your home after the renovation if it fits with the new design plans. Do you have an heirloom piece of furniture that cannot be replaced? New paint or upholstery may be able to ensure it remains a piece of your family home for years to come.

Consider Your Present Lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a major impact on the specific furniture you need. Busy families may need a dining room and a breakfast nook with a kitchen renovation while a single person or a couple may only need a small kitchen table for meals. Functionality is important.

Consider Your Budget

Renovations can involve a lot of fees dependent on the extent of the work and the type of furniture you choose. While it is important not to compromise on quality, the furniture market does offer a wide selection of name brands with great price tags.

Get a Free Consultation from Experts

A second opinion should be welcomed, especially when it comes from a panel of experts that have dedicated their time and energy into learning about design and furnishings. These experts can help narrow down the choices with you so you will have a better understanding of what can work for you.

Don’t Rush into the Buying Furniture Process

With all of the new and advanced technology offered by big name furniture manufacturers, it is easy to make quick decisions. To ensure the furniture you choose is the right fit for your home, take the time to research different options in terms of functionality, the materials, and pricing.

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