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What to Consider Before a Laundry Room Renovation in Toronto

A well-designed laundry room renovation in Toronto will not only enhance your daily lifestyle but can increase the overall value of your home.

Before you begin disassembling the existing laundry room, talk to a professional team to ensure the vision you have is viable for the current floorplan of your home or condo. The laundry room should be located in an easy-to-access area of the home to improve not only the functionality of the space but also to make having to do laundry seem less of a burden and chore.

The goal of a laundry room renovation is all about maximizing organization, accessibility, and efficiency. Below are some tips to make your laundry room renovation a success.

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Set a Budget for the Renovation

Creating a realistic budget is key when planning a laundry room renovation or addition. With a condo laundry room renovation project, your ability to design and create a functional space is dependent on the governing rules and regulations of the condominium board.

A house offers more options in terms of space and ability to create a functional layout. Consider the costs for materials, labour, fixtures, additional plumbing and electrical systems, and new appliances when setting a budget.

Make a List of Your Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves

With the massive selection of laundry room accessories and layout options, it can be difficult to stay within budget or to focus on what is actually needed. Creating a “must-have” list vs. a “nice-to-have” list can help create a more functional space for your needs. This type of list can also help curb the budget where necessary.

Take stock of what will enhance the space, whether that means storage cabinets, a laundry sink, new appliances, a laundry chute, a mud-rom shower, and/or a heated drying cabinet to reduce the need for longer dryer machine time.

Assess the Space and Layout

When upgrading a laundry room or adding a new space, one of the most important considerations is assessing for sufficient space for optimum usage. Take a look at the current setup. Is it too small to perform the required tasks of washing and drying clothes? Is there sufficient space for ironing/steaming, hanging delicates to dry, and storing essential items such as detergents, cleaning solutions, and paper products?

When choosing the placement within a home, consider the noise level, ease of access of use, sufficient clearance/ventilation space for appliances, and availability of existing outlets and plumbing. It should also have space to move around in without restrictions, especially in a household of occupants with mobility limitations.

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Enhance the Functionality of Your Laundry Room

A laundry room should be functional in respect to the daily lifestyle and needs of the home occupants. Having a washer and dryer is essential but consider enhancing the use of the room with customized products to make life easier.

Identify storage needs in addition to the functionality of installing a counter for folding clothes, an inside clothes hanging rack, and a laundry sink. If the existing space is not sufficient, ergonomic, or is not easily accessed, now is the time to consider a new placement within the home to make laundry chores more efficient.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Similar to a bathroom or kitchen, the laundry room can become a moisture trap and reduce the air quality without a proper ventilation system. Plan for an upgrade or installation of new vent fans, exhaust systems, and/or windows to help with the humidity and heat that is produced with washing and drying machines.

It is important to have a self-closing exhaust vent in operation to prevent the outdoor air from entering the room, especially in large urban areas. This can be an efficient tool in homes where health conditions such as respiratory issues are a concern.

Consider the Laundry Room Plumbing and Electrical Features

In older homes and condos, the existing plumbing and electrical fixtures may need to be upgraded to bring the entire system up to standard code, especially with the use of newer appliances. New homes may require additional outlets, ventilation, and/or plumbing features to accommodate the new layout of the laundry room.

The newer appliance models have technology that demands a particular level of wattage for optimal operation. Hire professional tradesmen to assess and install the needed plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Get Creative with Your Storage Solutions

Big or small, a laundry room needs to offer sufficient storage. Using tall shelving units or cabinets to store extra cleaning solutions, detergents, and spray bottles can free up floor space for daily use of essentials.

Consider using pull-out or fold down ironing boards and counters to fold clothes for maximum room space. Mount hooks and pegs on the walls for small items and install a retractable clothes drying rack for delicates.

Manage the Timeline of the Renovation

A laundry room renovation or addition can take a considerable amount of time depending on the scope and size of the project. It is important to set a realistic timeline for the renovation in respect to the current lifestyle of the homeowner.

Plan for completing laundry tasks at another location and even possibly being out of the home during the project, especially if the work to be done is quite extensive. Work closely with the contractor to ensure the timeline is observed during the project work.

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