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Effortless Elegance: Designing Easy-to-Clean and Stylish Condo Bathrooms

Condominium living is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Reduce the stress of everyday chores with an easy-to-clean bathroom renovation! A low maintenance lifestyle can be achieved by maximizing the existing space in your condo. Here are some helpful tips to design a condo bathroom that is stylish and super low maintenance.

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Space Optimization Strategies

  • Maximize floor space. Maximizing the floor space by installing floating vanities, sinks, and cabinets provides the illusion of a less cluttered room. Use wall-mounted fixtures and medicine cabinets for optimal storage. Walk-in showers and corner-less cabinets can also save space.
  • Create an illusion of spaciousness. To create the illusion of more space, use the “magic” of natural lighting and mirrors to enhance the light sources. In bathrooms with no windows, install LED spotlights or strip lights to illuminate the space. Placing tall and large wall mirrors can also “open” the room.
  • Storage solutions for small spaces. Use under-cabinet storage solutions for any condo renovation, especially in smaller sized bathrooms. Whether they are built-in storage spaces or a fully contained vanity, utilizing the floor and wall space can maximize function.

Easy-Clean Flooring Materials

  • Porcelain tiles. The porcelain tiles are a common material for bathroom flooring that are proven to be water resistant, last for years, and low maintenance. Cleaning is simple with the larger tiles or slabs as there are little to no grout lines to maintain.
  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT). For low maintenance and an easy cleaning surface, consider installing LVT flooring. Choose from natural looks like marble, travertine, wood, and stone for a sleek and lavish aesthetic. This tile is resistant to scratches and is waterproof.
  • Concrete. This type of flooring material resists scratches, stains, water, fire, odours, and bacteria in addition to regular wear-and-tear. It is available in different colours, designs, and styles that are easy to maintain.

Low Maintenance Wall Materials

  • Glazed ceramic tile. Beautify your bathroom and simplify your cleaning routine with the use of glazed ceramic tiles. Designed with moisture- and stain-resistance, these tiles are available in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes.
  • Engineered stone. Easy-to-clean surfaces such as engineered stone offer low maintenance and are stain/scratch resistant. With a non-porous design, this composite material of crushed stone and/or cement provides a seamless aesthetic.
  • Wetwall panels. As moisture is the number one cause of mould and mildew, use the patented water-resistant Wetwall system. It is a panel system that repels water from showers and baths and can protect against damage from humidity and dampness.

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Stylish Bathroom Fixtures

  • Frameless shower doors. For a modern look and easy maintenance, choose frameless shower doors for your next bathroom renovation project. These units offer less spaces for grime, soap scum, and gunk to collect, cutting cleaning time in half.
  • Wall-mounted toilets and vanities. Eliminate the need to dust and clean small, cramped corners and spaces with a wall-mounted vanity. Floating countertops, vanities, cabinets, and toilets provide a streamlined aesthetic in addition to easy maintenance.
  • Touchless faucets and toilets. Clearly one of the best choices for quick maintenance is installing touchless faucets and toilets. Without the need for handles, these fixtures help reduce the transmission of germs while making clean-up a breeze.

Condo-Specific Considerations

  • Soundproofing. One major drawback of condo living is the noise level of sharing a building with others. Installing quieter floor options such as LVT or cork can help to absorb sounds while providing an easy-to-maintain bathroom.
  • Moisture control. As most condos have small-sized bathrooms, it is crucial the ventilation system is working well. Installing a waterproof membrane and mould-resistant materials during a bathroom renovation can reduce the risk of poor air quality.
  • Water pressure limitations. Condo buildings can offer limited water pressure depending on the initial construction and number of units. There are specific showerheads and faucets that provide optimal pressure with the available plumbing system.
  • Condo association rules. Every condominium building has a governing board of directors to oversee the rules and regulations of the building. It is important to be aware and adhere to the approval process before any renovation work begins. These can involve, but not be limited to, deposits, work hours, delivery and disposal of materials, and type of renovations allowed.

Budget-Friendly Hacks

  • Repurpose existing elements. Traditional, modern, or chic transformations can be made possible with the use of existing or second-hand cabinets and vanities. Refinishing nightstands, small dressers, or wall cabinets can complement the bathroom design.
  • DIY projects. For those who have the time, do-it-yourself projects within the renovation plans can lower costs. Initiatives can include painting walls, upgrading hardware on cabinets, and installing water or light fixtures.
  • Shop around for deals. In the pre-planning stages of a renovation, it is advised to research materials and costs through various suppliers and contractors. The timing of the renovation can also produce lower costs as the colder months see more availability of labourers.
  • Consider phased renovations. For some homeowners, phased renovations can help offset the costs as one room is done at a time rather than within one timeframe. Spanning it over several months or years can also reduce the inconvenience of needing to be displaced during the construction period.

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat in Your Small Condo

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