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Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist to Get Started

As one of the most used rooms in a home, the bathroom should contain everything you need to prepare for the day and the night. This includes a toilet, hand sink, vanity, and a shower or tub to maintain good hygiene.

Since we spend a lot of time in this room, before you begin any kind of bathroom renovation, think of what else could be added to make your life a little easier, if not maybe a bit more luxurious. From heated flooring to a gorgeous freestanding tub, the options are endless if you have the space and budget.

Here is a helpful checklist to help make your dream bathroom a reality.

Bathroom Renovation Services

Make a Budget

Before all else, make a reasonable budget for your bathroom renovation in North York. Begin with the basics, considering the length of time the project will take and list all of your must-haves. Depending on the size of your budget, you can then add the items you have been wanting or wishing for.

A bathroom renovation is a perfect time to update piping, flooring, walls, and electrics. The budget should reflect the reason behind the project before luxury items are added. Remember there are situations where costs may rise due to unexpected troubles.

Gather Ideas

Once a budget has been set for the bathroom renovation, it is time to research ideas to fill the project. Any design can take flight, within reason, as a wide variety of manufacturers offer a scale of prices for bathroom items.

Not sure where to start? Why not visit some showrooms in person? Oftentimes being able to see the product in person helps to get a better idea of the appearance as well as the functionality. Still not sure what you need? Work with a bathroom renovation contractor, like Lampert Renovations, which is a one-stop shop. This will save you time and effort from going store to store looking for ideas. You can go into our showroom and pick up everything you will need for your bathroom.

Assess the Condition of Your Bathroom

The present condition of the bathroom fixtures, plumbing, and electricals may be the determining factors as to what can be done for the project. A professional bathroom renovation contractor will be able to access the required changes. Older electrical switches and lead pipes are clues that the room may need to be upgraded to meet electrical and fire codes.

Focus on Function

Ask what the function of the bathroom will be, aside from the obvious. Is the renovation project to upgrade for family use, to create a private master bedroom ensuite, or for the exclusive use of guests?

Investing money into the space should reflect the functionality along with the design features. Adding laundry facilities, a spa tub, a dressing corner, or a double vanity during a bathroom renovation can help improve the functionality of the space.

Consider the Ventilation

Any bathroom requires proper ventilation to prevent poor air quality and mold development, both of which can cause health issues. Many bathrooms might also have small windows that can help circulate humid air. Outdoor ventilation needs to be in place to ensure the moist air is not reentering the home via the attic.

Research Faucets and Fixtures

A fun side of a bathroom renovation is choosing your favorite faucets and fixtures to complete the look as well as boost the function of the room. Be prepared as the options available on the market may take longer than first thought to narrow down the choices. There are fixtures to complement any themed décor. Lampert Renovations has an array of options to choose from and our experts will help you narrow down the best choices.

Decide on Electricity and Lighting

During the bathroom renovation, consider updating the electrical and lighting. For bathrooms with a more relaxed theme, soft lighting or a dimmer switch can help you transition from preparing for the day to unwinding for bed.

With bathrooms with up-to-date wiring, choose energy-saving lights, expand windows for more natural light, or consider adding a skylight.

Complete Your Design and Get Permits

With the above-mentioned aspects considered, now is the time to pull your bathroom design together for final approval. Depending on the location of the home and the type of home you have, there may be local building codes to follow, not to mention national building codes. Your renovation contractor can help you acquire the required permits or licenses and guide you through the process.

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