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How to Keep Your Laundry Room Well-Organized

Make your life easier with a laundry room renovation! Laundry is one of the biggest tasks we do in the run of a week—and for most people, it seems like it never ends! By revamping this space, you will have more time to enjoy the better things in life. Below are some great tips to keep your laundry room well-organized.

Laundry Room Renovations

Install Cupboards Over the Washer and Dryer

One benefit of laundry room renovations in Toronto is the ability to have custom storage cabinets installed over the washer and dryer. These units are the best place to store your laundry detergents and household cleaning supplies while freeing up space in the room.

Buy Effective Storage Containers

Invest in good-quality storage containers that make laundry time easier while adding to the aesthetics of the room. Coordinate the style of room with glass or plastic containers to hold soap, fabric softener, stain removers, dryer sheets, and all other laundry essentials.

Make a Sorting Area

Save time and frustration sorting through laundry by creating a sorting area. Organize the dry-clean only clothes from the towels and darks with stylish labelled bins. A sorting station doesn’t take much space but can certainly be a huge advantage when its laundry time.

Build a Drying Area

When doing a laundry room renovation, a drying area is often overlooked, although it is one of the most essential requirements when doing laundry. For the delicate clothing that requires the “hang dry” technique, tension rods or a fold-down drying rack in the laundry room can open up needed space.

Include Space for Ironing Clothes

To avoid digging out the ironing board and necessary supplies, a suitable spot can be designed into the new laundry room to accommodate the bulky contraption. Functional and stylish are the theme of the room and mounting the ironing board to the wall or within a unit can making the chore a breeze. Stunning storage containers can hold all of the sprays, tools, and clothes needed to keep the room organized.

Use Neutral Colours & Organic Materials

Trending in laundry room renovations across the GTA is colours that evoke a sense of calmness and serene. With a pop of white, adding shades of beige, brown, and grey can create the illusion of a larger space while promoting tranquility. Add in plants, marble tile, and woven storage baskets to exemplify the organics of the space.

Utilize the Entire Laundry Room

Your laundry room can be transformed into a dual-purpose room. Utilize the available space in the room to double as a mudroom, storage area, or as an additional bathroom. From the door to the walls, and even overhead, the laundry room provides a functional space.

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