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How to Set a Budget for a Bathroom Remodelling

When it comes to bathroom remodelling in the GTA, setting the budget is one of the two most important steps (the second is finding the right contractor). If you set your budget too high, you might overextend yourself financially. But if you set your budget too low, you might be limiting yourself to all of the amazing options the bathroom design and manufacturing industry has to offer.

So, how do you find the sweet spot and set the perfect budget for a bathroom remodelling project? Consider this: the average Canadian homeowner sets their renovation budgets based on the value of their home. A good rule of thumb is to set your bathroom remodelling budget for 10% of your home’s value.

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Of course, this is highly subjective and may not work for everyone. So, before you settle on a budget, consider your objective and the overall use of the bathroom. Is the renovation for the powder room shared by household members and guests or perhaps a complete update to the master bedroom ensuite?

Below, we’ve outlined the five most important sectors to consider when setting a budget for any bathroom remodelling project.

Do Your Homework

Some may think this is a daunting task but it actually the most exciting factor when setting a budget for a bathroom remodel. Putting your vision on paper! Design your dream bathroom with the help of a bathroom remodelling contractor in the GTA, like Lampert Renovations.  Consider the layout of your bathroom and how it can be improved to enhance your living habits. Increasing the floorspace to include a standing tub and a shower or adding a vanity can be done at this time.

Discuss your vision with a bathroom design specialist at their showroom. Here’s you’ll be able to see all of the latest designs, materials, and add-ons. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all of your bathroom renovation needs. You can also do some research online and gather ideas from home magazines.

Set Realistic Goals

A budget for bathroom remodelling needs realistic goals. Know the average costs for the new bathroom fixtures, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. These prices can be calculated while you are doing research on what options are available. Having a list of desired options versus what is realistic will help balance the budget you are working with.

In addition, make sure to set aside a little extra cushion room in your budget in case something comes up that throw a wrench in your plans. Common problems that can add to the budget is remediation of mould, water damage, and pipe replacements. Be prepared for any hidden trouble!

Understanding the Labour Cost

Don’t fall into the biggest renovation trap of neglecting to consider the labour cost of the bathroom remodelling when setting a budget.

A reputable contractor sets their labour costs in respect to the work of certified plumbers and electricians, in addition to their own construction contribution. Remember, you are paying for their knowledge and expertise to avoid unnecessary problems down the road. Speak to your chosen contractor to a get an idea of how much everything will cost (aside from the materials), such as delivery and installation.

Hire a Contractor

As the budget is the first important step in bathroom remodelling, hiring a reputable contractor is the other significant step. Focus on a contractor with experience in bathroom remodelling. These companies often have a design team ready to help you create a plan within your budget and have the expertise to design you’re your dream bathroom. This is a project with complex stages. Be sure to hire the right person.

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