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Luxury Condo Bathroom Renovation Guide: Transform Your Space

When you think about a luxury condo, what comes to mind? The location? The view? Or maybe it’s the layout? One thing all luxurious condos have in common is the lavish amenities, particularly the high-end bathroom(s).

But how do you take the elements of a luxury spa and high-end hotel bathroom and create the perfect calming and serene space right in your own condo? It all starts with a bathroom renovation!

Here are some tips for planning the perfect condo bathroom renovation.

Bathroom remodeling

Select Premium Materials and Fixtures

When it comes to a bathroom renovation in North York, you’ll want to use premium quality materials and fixtures to ensure the bathroom renovation is modern and efficient. Durable and moisture-resistance vanities, cabinets, flooring, tiles, and fixtures can be chosen to suit any preference.

If you’re looking for a modern design, you can incorporate the latest trend of small tile mosaics. Use these tiles as a solid display or in a particular pattern on the walls, floors, and showers. These along with wood-like tiles can be used to design a spa-like or nature setting indoors, regardless of the size of the bathroom.

Using luxurious marble or quartz for the vanity can perfect that sense of sophistication. Consider a floating vanity to create more floor space and to provide a sleek modern feel to the room. Upgrading showerheads, adding a heated towel rack, and creating a transitional space between the master bathroom and the ensuite with a glass door is only the beginning!

Create a Spa-like Ambiance

For condo bathroom renovations that focus on creating a spa-like ambiance, plan on incorporating colour schemes, lighting, greenery, scents, and sounds into the design. A spa’s purpose is to provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere that can be used at any time of the day. The ease and simplicity of the fixtures and décor can be a welcoming sight at the end of the day.

You can create a peaceful setting with subtle hues of blue, green, and beige on the walls with soft lighting, preferably on a dimmer switch to match the mood of the room. Bring nature into the picture with faux wood tiles and flooring, potted plants, and a sound system with calming music. Adding aromatherapy scents of rosemary or ylang-ylang with oils and candles can enhance the effect.

Install Advanced Technology and Smart Features

A condo bathroom upgrade would not be complete without integrating modern technology in the design with features that can be managed by a switch, remote, or even a smartphone. Voice-activated lights and temperature control can enhance the function of the bathroom, especially on a dark cold winter night.

With advanced technology there are smart bathroom fixtures for every need and comfort. Electric radiant heating storage for towels, bathrobes, and linens can offer 5-star hotel luxury. Imagine having the power to prep the bath or shower to the perfect temperature simply by using a smartphone in another area of the home.

For peak extravagance, consider installing a specialized freestanding tub that allows you to feel the room’s audio/visual display of music through sound wave vibration while bathing. Now that is top luxury!

Upgrade the Lighting

An important, and often overlooked, aspect of condo bathroom remodelling is upgrading the lighting. Traditional bright and vibrant lights can be overkill early in the morning or when preparing for bedtime.

Avoid harsh lighting for night trips to the bathroom with mounted lighting in the floor and under the vanity and toilet. Use a lighted vanity mirror for the wall over the countertop for a more modern feel. Mirrors with adjustable lighting are great for applying makeup or to create a quiet darken space for a relaxing soak.

Add Personalized Touches

Whether the bathroom represents a serene spa-like atmosphere or a bare unscathed white space, adding a few items tailored to the design can enhance the relaxation experience. Mirrors, textured walls, and colours can offer a way of expressing your personality.

Consider using wall art and décor to provide a personalized touch and a hint of sophistication to the space. Use colours and textures that characterizes the overall theme. Customized plush bathrobes and towels give the essence of a lavish spa feel.

Adding scented candles and fragrance bubble bath or lotions can provide a calming atmosphere for those afterwork hours. Scents such as lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, and vanilla have been proven to help stimulate the limbic system of the brain to control our emotions and mood.

Maximize Space in a Compact Bathroom

Space is king when it comes to compact bathrooms, especially in condo buildings in Toronto. Working with an experienced designer/contractor can help bring the illusion of more space to any sized bathroom. The key is to utilize the available vertical space of the bathroom, including the area over the toilet and sink.

With the right organizational tools, a cluttered vanity counter or corner can be managed with wall shelving and cabinetry. Install a free-standing tub to add a lavish touch in addition to giving the bathroom a sense of openness. This can help enhance the functionality of the room while creating an aesthetically pleasing showcase.

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