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NKBA’s Design Trends for 2022

Each new year brings changes—whether that means looking within yourself to make personal changes or looking around your home to make renovations. That’s why kitchen and bathroom remodelling services in the GTA are in popular demand each new year. If you’re planning on giving your home a facelift, knowing the upcoming kitchen and bathroom renovation trends for 2022 may help when it comes time for the big decisions.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), this new year will bring a more natural look with bold colours, smart technology, and multi-use surfaces. In the latest design trends report for 2022, the NKBA relied on discussions with hundreds of professionals in the trade, focusing on the effect of the global pandemic as more people have been spending more time at home.

Here are some of the design trends worth noting.


Organic Styles for Both Kitchen and Bathrooms Are Popular

The latest annual design trends report found that more people are leaning towards natural or organic looks when it comes to both bathroom and kitchen designs. The past two years have seen more people embrace the simpler things in life and has brought people closer to nature. As a result, earthy tones and neutral colour palettes are a huge trend for 2022. Surprisingly, this feature debuted at #9 on the popularity list just two years ago. It landed in the #2 spot this year.

More than half of the participating designers predict this trend will rise with the use of recycled materials and wood for projects. Use of natural light in the kitchen ties into the natural ambiance along with expanding cooking options to the outdoors.

Bolder Colours Like Green Will Dominate

While white kitchens and white bathrooms have been a large part of design techniques in recent years, colours are making a big comeback, according to the report. In fact, bold colours are being seen in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tiles. Even the rooms’ cabinets are featuring colours of blues and greens.

These tones, especially green shades, are compatible with the more natural designs. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling services can accommodate any present design or trend by complementing the colour with a newer shade. The newest design trend highlights hardware to be matte in pewter, stainless, nickel, or black as opposed to chrome finishes.

Multi-Functional Design Spaces Will Be More Desirable

As people have moved to spending more time at home for work or to limit public outings, mainly due to the pandemic, the kitchen has become more of a gathering place now than ever before. What was once a spot to grab a quick bite, the kitchen island is now the desk for school or office work. Designers are also seeing homeowners putting in home offices within the kitchen area with a false wall as a separator, if any at all.

Renovating the kitchen to expand space for work, eating, and cooking is becoming the new trend in the family home. This holds true with bathrooms as well to expand room for convenient laundry services or to have more personal room. By combining rooms, homeowners have more options to convert empty room into home gyms, entertainment rooms, private offices, makeshift classrooms, or even storage space.

Easy-to-Maintain Designs Will Lead the Way

An expanded kitchen or bathroom means more spots to maintain and clean. Today’s designs are geared towards fast and easy-to-clean materials such as quartz. Life as we knew it has changed and the uncertainty of future viruses has most people taking the necessary precautions to keep their loved ones safe and healthy.

With the deep sanitizing and constant cleaning done several times a day in a home, it is more important than ever to have countertops, vanities, and cupboards that resist stains and bacteria. The once-popular tiles for backsplash, floors, and counters are being replaced with materials that do not need grout to prevent dirt, food, and germs from gathering.

New Technology Integration and Sustainability Will Become Popular

Convenient updates to kitchen and bathrooms have included technology in production of refrigerators, ovens, small appliances, and faucets. The NKBA design report suggests these technological inventions have gone one step further with the use of voice-activated and motion-sensor methods. To help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, people are now turning to hands-free faucets, voice-activated light and temperature controls, and self-cleaning toilets.

Technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Today’s energy-efficient products use advance technology to offer sustainable models. For example, kitchen and bathroom lighting fixtures are being developed to use LED lighting. Furthermore, products and construction substances are being produced with recycled material.

Millennials and COVID-19 Are Influencing 2022 Design Trends

The NKBA report includes discussions with tradespeople across the board, of all ages and experience. The results indicate that a larger number of Millennials and Gen X are taking pride in their homes by updating their kitchen and bathrooms. The design trends for 2022 are greatly influenced by these generations with Gen X having the biggest impact, according to the report.

While older homeowners may lean more towards do-it-yourself projects, the younger generations tend to hire interior designers for new ideas. Also, a large portion of younger homeowners work from home and require upgrades to accommodate both work and personal lives.

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