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Reasons to Consider a Complete Condo Renovation to Elevate your Lifestyle

Take a moment and look around your condominium. Does it scream “you” or does it feel more “cookie-cutter” than unique? Now consider this: Would a complete condo renovation enhance your daily living activities? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are planning to put your condo on the market, open it to tenants, or just want to reimagine your living space, a full condo renovation is the solution.

It should be noted before making any plans or contacting a design/build contractor that your condominium board may have restrictions on renovations. It’s essential that you review your owner’s contract and contact the condominium board to learn about any requirements or stipulations first.

Kitchen Remodelling

What Is a Complete Condo Renovation?

A full condo renovation refers to reconstructing the design, layout, functionality, and/or enhancing the comforts of a condo. Typically, upgrading the bathroom or kitchen is considered part of a condo renovation, but it is limited to just one (or both) rooms.

A complete condo renovation, on the other hand, can entail (but is not limited to) removing or replacing walls, floors, and ceilings to improve the aesthetics or safety of the area. It can also involve a complete conversion of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, home electricals and/or plumbing system, and possibly replacing dated countertops and cabinets.

Reasons for a Complete Condo Renovation

Condo renovation services can be an investment into your future while enhancing your current lifestyle. Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons for a complete condo renovation, this type of project can address safety concerns and improve the functionality of a space.

Improves the Value of Your Condo

Improve the value of your condo by taking measures to secure a higher selling price (if you plan to sell!). Any enhancement to a condo is an investment into the future selling value of the unit. Having a complete renovation of various rooms and adding high-end fixtures and amenities will increase the value of the condo for resale.

Increases Value of Rent

As the population within the GTA continues to grow, entice renters with an updated condo renovation in Toronto. Offering modern amenities with automation and creating an energy-efficient living space can put your condo above the rest when it comes to attracting tenants.

Expands Comfort of Your Condo

There is an age-old saying that “home is where the heart is”. With this thought, a condo renovation can improve the comfort and enjoyment of the home. Whether you work from home or enjoy spending evenings and weekends entertaining friends and family, a renovation can help you take pride in your surroundings.

Solves All Safety Issues/Concerns

Renovating new and older condos can help to address a safety issue that may have become a concern to the occupants. From hazardous materials used to build predated units to railings and barriers missing, a renovation can resolve any concerns.

Improves the Functionality of the Condo

Consider how efficient the functionality of the existing layout of the condo is. Reconstructing the bedrooms, living spaces, and kitchen can help to simplify a busy lifestyle. Bathroom renovations to accommodate the people in the condo can create a better atmosphere to start the day off. One huge improvement is the capability of expanding the storage in the condo, as well.

Improves the Efficiency of the Condo

Most condo projects involve an update to the bathroom and kitchen with renovations. By installing new high-efficiency appliances and fixtures, the renovation can improve the efficiency of the unit on a whole. Enhancements of new windows and the HVAC system can also be incorporated to provide a high efficiency rating.

Allows You to Upgrade to the Latest Styles

Whether you have seen stunning home layouts online or in a magazine, a whole-home condo renovation is the perfect “excuse” to bring your condo up to date with the latest trends. A condo constructed in the last 30 years, even in the last five years, could probably use a new look. Be aware if the condo is to be sold in the coming months, most buyers prefer a sleek design rather than a whimsical combination of colours and designs.

Uses Environment Friendly Materials

Eco-friendly materials can be incorporated into the renovation work to create a greener environment. Flooring and wall resources are available in raw and recycled materials which are also manufactured with low VOC emissions. These materials are also used for designing countertops and so much more.

Enhances Your Style Goals

A complete condo renovation can reflect your lifestyle and goals in comparison to living within the existing means. Growing families may need a nursery, remote workers may need a full office, and empty nesters may want to reconstruct rooms for hobbies or entertaining. Now is the time to see your vision come to life while the condo walls, floors, and rooms are gutted.

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