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Condo Bathroom Renovation

If your condo bathroom is in need of an update then Lampert Renovations is here to help. We provide free in-showroom consultations where one of our consultants will show you different products that you can choose from for your new condo bathroom. We will give you a quote that includes everything supplied, installed and guaranteed. Once everything has arrived at our warehouse your project will be scheduled. On the first day our renovators transport all of the material into your condo. Drop sheets will be placed on the floor to stop dirt from being tracked through your home. We will have a renovator on site from beginning to end. We are not contractors, we are re modelers and designers and we will be there for you every step of the way!

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Services & Products Available

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical acrylic installation
  • Accessories for greater accessibility
  • Large selection of tile and quartz
  • All required plumbing fixtures
  • Tile installation

Condo Kitchen Renovation

Let Lampert Renovations bring its years of experience renovating condo bathrooms into your condo kitchen. Book an appointment for a free consultation in our showroom and we will take away the stress of driving around from place to place picking materials and worrying about measurements. In our showroom you can pick everything that you will need for your new condo kitchen including custom cabinets, paint colour, tiles, counter tops and faucets.

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Services & Products Available

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Large selection of tiles and quartz
  • All required fixtures
  • Sinks
  • Custom and standard cabinetry

Tub To Shower

Tile – Lampert Renovations will rip out your tub area and install a custom tiled base. Then, we install new walls and then install your selected tiles. Finally, your new shower is finished with your choice of accessories.

Acrylic –  Lampert will take out your old tub, repair the walls as required or ripout completely and install a new acrylic base, new acrylic walls and your choice of accessories.

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Shower Doors

  • Frame less two door slider
  • Custom frame less doors


  • Valves
  • Large selection of shower heads
  • Tiled or acrylic bases and walls

Things to Know

Do you need your condo renovated? Lampert Renovations specializes in condo bathroom and kitchen renovations and can help you through the process.

You are not the only one living in your condo building and because of that there are some extra steps we may need to take before starting your renovation.


Receive Approval from your Condo Board

Find out what information your condo needs to be approved such as WSIB and insurance.


Pay Deposit to Condo

A deposit may be required to cover potential damage to shared elements or common areas like elevators and hallways.


Find Out Work Hours

Condominums usually only permit work during certain hours.


Book Parking and Elevators

An elevator must be booked on the first day of the job and at the end for cleanup. Booking an elevator also saves time by reducing wait time and prevents issues with neighbors.


Transportation of Materials and Disposal

Lampert will arrive on the first day with all of your material and dispose of all waste properly and in a timely manner.



The shutoffs for you unit must be checked to make sure they work before we start. If they don’t work your condo will need to shutoff the riser to change the values.


What are Possible Restrictions to your Renovation

Your condo may have areas that can’t be touched because it may affect your home, another tenant or a shared space. Finding out these restrictions will prevent changes and keep the job running on schedule.

We know renovating your condo bathroom may seem like a daunting task but with over 35 years of experience Lampert Renovations will make sure the job runs smoothly

Lampert Guarantee

We offer a Limited two year warranty on all Lampert Bathroom Renovations. Our warranty covers any repairs or replacement at our own cost, as well as any work proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. The only exclusion to both warranties is grout and silicone which have a warranty of one year.

Book Your Free Showroom Consultation

    All we need is the size of your vanity and some pictures of your bathroom. From there we can select everything including grout colours, towel bars, faucets, tiles and anything else you might need. We will then give you a firm quote for your job and if you would like to move forward we can visit your home to confirm measurements.


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