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Tips to Follow before Doing a Condo Renovation

When it comes to condo renovations in Toronto, the possibilities may be endless—to an extent. Depending on several factors such as building by-laws and your budget, having the condo of your dreams could be within reach.

Condo renovations can be done before or after you move in, it just depends on your preference. To ensure a smooth transition for both the contractor and the homeowner, you might want to consider the following guidelines before starting a condo renovation.


Check Condominium Board Guidelines and Policies

Before doing any condo renovations in Toronto, it is crucial to ensure that modifications or renovations are allowed. Look into the policies, rules, restrictions, and regulations of the condominium board before planning any changes.

Many condominium associations have a specific list of contractors that have been certified and approved for doing work on site. The board may also have a list of jobs that cannot be performed or requirements that need to be adhered to. The improvements document should outline the protocol for infrastructure, as well as the impact on the electrical and sprinkler systems. Work timelines also need to be considered and adhered to, especially in a setting such as a condominium.

For example, common rules of working within a condominium include reduced restrictive work times, limited parking access, restrictive use of elevators, and securing common areas.

Manage Your Expectations

If this is the first time you have undergone renovations, you should be aware of the unwritten rule to manage your expectations when it comes to costs and the time frame of the project.

Given the policies of the condominium board, the renovation might have limitations surrounding the hours of the day in which work can be done, and sometimes, work is only allowed on particular days of the week.

Before your mind runs away with plans to switch the layout of the condo by removing a cumbersome column or requiring a wall to be knocked down, know your renovation limits. The original design of the condo was built due to the structural requirements. Some design plans may not allow for removal or relocation of a wall.

Review your renovation design with a professional contractor or consultant before taking the next step in contract discussions.

Try To Stay Flexible

Flexibility is a key aspect of any renovation, for both parties involved, as no plans are etched in stone, or on paper. As the renovation project begins, there can be roadblocks that can happen. This can call for change in design plans.

If this occurs, there is always some flexibility in the plans to adapt to the possible changes. This may be seen with a reduction in contracting time, an increase in cost, or a compromise on the entire project. A professional contractor will be able to adjust to any complications and present solutions for a similar end result.

Don’t Shy Away from Painting

Preparing for renovations can be overwhelming for some, especially if the plans call for a complete overhaul of a room. One of the secrets to bringing new life into a dreary spot is a coat of new paint!

Painting is especially helpful in situations where the structural integrity of the unit may present an obstacle for the new room plans. Depending on your vision for the room, think outside the box by using a dark color for the accent walls or textured paint.

More Paperwork, Less Problems

A renovation of a condo brings the same amount of, if not more, paperwork and permits as a house renovation does. It is important to go over all of your contacts with your contractor before work begins.

Whether it is up to the condo owner or the contractor to gather all permits, the paperwork can involve the city, the condominium board, and other interested parties. In certain situations, the local fire department or the building’s maintenance manager may be required to sign or be on site during portions of the renovation.

Find a Reliable Contractor

In your search for a “condo renovation contractor near me”, there are key factors to consider. First, you will need to inquire whether the contractor is comfortable and experienced with condo renovations. Not every contractor has the staff or time to deal with all of the inner workings of a condo renovation.

In addition to finding an experienced contractor, make a list of questions you have for them. Ask about their references, qualifications, and insurance. Talk to neighbours who may have had recent work done, ask colleagues for references, and double-check all reviews online.

Choose to Stay Somewhere Else During the Renovation

For a smooth renovation for all parties involved, it is recommended to stay somewhere while the work is being done. A small or large renovation job can wreak havoc on everyday routines, particularly if the kitchen or bathroom will be affected. Check with your condominium manager as many buildings have guest rooms to rent. This may help reduce the stress of having renovations done.

It may also be helpful to prearrange for a professional cleaning service to look after the post-construction cleanup for a thorough clean before returning to your condo.

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